New changes effective April 1st affecting Water and Wastewater Operators licensing regulations

Major changes have been made in regulations affecting water and wastewater operators and especially onsite sewage system professionals.  There is a link of the PDF of the Water and Wastewater Works Regulations for your convenience below. It is also available on DPOR’s site.  In short, 18 VAC 160-20 of the Virginia Administrative Code has been repealed and replaced with 18 VAC 160-30: Water and Wastewater Operators Licensing Regulations and 18 VAC 160-40: Onsite Sewage System Professionals Licensing Regulations and is effective April 1st, 2017.

In summary, the changes create a two-tier system of journeyman and master licenses for all onsite sewage system license types.

The change adds more options to obtain licensure with specific requirements for individuals with a soil scientist or wastewater works operators licenserevisions of experience requirements and expanded substitutions for experience options, as well as clarification of eligible education degree provisions.

It restructures CPE requirements to include evolving information and technology, as well as management/supervision course credit for certain licenses and strengthen regulations regarding prohibited acts and licensee responsibility.

Please see DPOR’s WWWOOSSP Board home page for complete details;