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Pump #1
High Thrust U.S. Electrical Motors
Pump motor was taken out of service, rewound and not been used since rewinding.
100HP, 3 phase, 460V, 120.5 amp, 1775 rpm continuous rating 40° C
Frame type 404TP code 6 enclosure WPI design B

Pictures of Pump #1: 1 2 3 4

Pump #2
Same as Pump #1.  ID Plate is against wall and I was unable to take photo.
This pump was being used when it was taken offline due to upgrades.

Pictures of Pump #2: 1 2

If interested contact:
Doug Hamilton


For sale:

5 used and 1 brand new   Total 6
MS5-UNV Microscan UNV panels

Part # MS-UNV-PNL4
As well as other support components for the installation of this hardware.  Sold as a lot unit.

Panels manufactured by Dorsett Technologies Critical Systems Solutions

More info on units at

These panels were installed 11/9/2014 and were used for SCADA control panels for a municipal water and wastewater facility.   The system was very well designed, spec’d and built by a developer and transferred to our municipality for operations and ownership.

The only reason the units were removed is that our SCADA system has evolved to the point where all SCADA needs to be on one system.  Being we had more SCADA on one system than the other, we went with the least amount of upgrade.

We had zero problems with the Dorsett system, just that it required us to operate 2 separate SCADA systems.

These panels would save you a lot of money and lag time on purchasing.  Great for spares or for building your own SCADA system.  Dorsett Technologies is a very reputable company and located in North Carolina  and service the State of Virginia as well.

If interested, please contact our office at 540-338-4772.

Alan Wolverton

Utilities Supervisor

Town of Round Hill

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