Certification Exams

Taking the Certification Exams

The Virginia Department of Occupation and Regulation (DPOR) is the governing body for professional licenses in Virginia.  DPOR has established criteria for operators to be eligible to sit for exams in many areas including education, work hours, and criminal records to name a few.  The complete set of regulations can be found on DPOR’s website or from our website Water / Wastewater Regulations 7.1.13.

VA DPOR had contracted with PSI (www.psiexams.com) to proctor the exam.  PSI provides a computerized format for taking the test.  Exams can be scheduled throughout the year and in various locations across the state.  The operator is allowed to bring calculator (non-programmable).  PSI charges a fee each time an operator sits for an exam and the operator knows at the end of the exam only whether he/she has passed or failed; no numerical grade is given.

The operator must be familiar with state regulations in addition to treatment knowledge in order to pass a certification exam.  Wastewater operators are required to maintain Continuing Professional Contact Hours (CPE’s).  Class I, II and III will need to maintain 20 CPE’s each renewal cycle (every 2 years).  Class IV wastewater operators will need to maintain 16 CPE hours.  An exception for CPE requirement is given during the first cycle of a new license and thereafter each time an operator sits for and passes the next grade of license.